Project Management


Paul and Liz

We couldn't be happier with Elise"s work! She has such vision for where we are right now and where we would like to be in the future. We were definitely in good hands!

Mark and Laura

"We had such a positive experience working with Elise. Her hands on approach enabled us to be really involved as well as our children! We all got exactly what we wanted!



Elise's clear understanding of my project made it easy and fast. We worked really well together and she was able to complete on time and on budget!

Recent Projects

SimplyStyling Musings

Exploring the entire concept of design and lifestyle elements towards building a closer relationship with design. We appreciate how lifestyle and design go hand-and-hand. We also strive to look for great design in the smallest of details. We keep it as "simple as possible but no simpler." Thank you for visiting, -Elise Wygant 

Creating the perfect lifestyle to fit your home and the perfect home to fit your lifestyle.